Monday, April 26, 2010

Down to the final 2...

Yes, that's right! I am down to my final two on project 10 lush, and let me tell you - I am quite pleased. I already have my wish list going of what I am going to try next, cough Jasmine Henna Fluff cough. They also have these amazing looking Sugar Lip Scrubs that are new on their site that I'm sure smell SCRUMPTIOUS! I personally want to try the sweet lips scent (milk chocolate yumminess!).

Anyway, as a quick catch up I will fill you in on what I have completed to date:
The highlighted ones are the ones that have mini reviews, so you can read about the individual products - I did not love all of them!
Gnome Name Bubble Bar
Ma Bar Bubble Bar
Blackberry Bath Bomb - I LOVED THIS ONE! Read the review! Do it! Do it!
Lil Lush Pud Bath Bomb
Honey I washed the kids soap
Therapy Massage Bar
Flosty Gritter Bubble Bar
Angel's Delight Soap

I finished the 9th one up tonight! I suppose I could be finished with project 10 lush since I used a product (cinders bath bomb) the night before I officially "started" this mission but I will be diligent and not cheat. I need to finish one more before I get to have a mini haul, and believe me... there will be a video :)

So the one I finished up tonight is the Comforter Bubble Bar. I have purchased this one over and over - it is truly one of my favorites. Lush claims it is big enough for 2 baths - I use it for 4-5 baths easily. It makes luscious bubbles and smells amazing, so soft and comforting. I will be repurchasing this one, I like to always have a piece for when I am in the right mood. For those 21 and over - a glass of wine and this bubble bar makes for a very happy girl.

That means one left! Then I get to do a lush haul! Project 10 pan update - I have mostly finished up a few more items, but honestly I am not being as diligent as I am for project 10 lush. I haven't bought any new products, but I have been sent stuff so it seems like I am cheating. I have been trying out new stuff and not concentrating on using up the old, but I am still trudging along! I recently went through ALL my mascaras and threw all but a few away, all ones that are under 2 months old (anything older than 3 months should be tossed anyway - eye infection alert!). I might be doing a blog sale soon to clear some more stuff out just because my collection is way too big for one person.

Let's see... any more news...
I will be posting videos more frequently (I hope!) starting this week, I have a bit of a traveling break so I want to film, film, film. Look for one Wednesday.

Chat soon,
Elle Fowler
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