Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cows on the hillside

I'm sitting with my entire family watching New Moon, which my dad stubbornly calls Blue Moon, and as I'm an expert multitasker I feel a bit fidgety watching a movie without doing something productive at the same time (unless I am at the theater, and even then I like to text on my phone). So I'm sitting here clack clack clacking away at my keyboard while Edward tells Bella how "she's not good for him" and "he has no soul" and looking incredibly like a big ball of torture and pain. Thank goodness for the level headed werewolves who find her; Edward just leaves her in the woods to rot.

Yesterday I was driving around and I noticed some cows on a hill. This is not a strange occurrence, since there is farmland around my town, but the strange part was that the cows were standing on a very steep mountain side, and looked like they were going to fall right out into the sky. You know that saying about how some cows have 2 legs shorter to help them stand on hills? (or not, I'm not sure it's a well known saying) It got me thinking... that sure would make life easier for them, until they got shipped off to a flatland farm in Kansas and became the weirdo lopsided cow. Speaking of cows, my littlest sister recently visited a farm with a friend and came back talking about how she likes the "'mell" of barns and that she thinks cow food 'mells good. I'll take her word for it.

Today the weather was beautiful, sunny and warm, so I decided to take advantage of it and go outside to read by the pool. This sounded like a good idea in my head :) Bear followed me outside and basically sat there in the shade to watch me struggle with moving a pool chair from the storage room to the pool area. After rotating the chair to the perfect sun-is-not-in-my-eyes-but-I-will-still-get-an-even-tan angle I plopped down only to find that Bear had already claimed 80% of the chair. So I made myself content with my 20% and started to read until I heard a suspicious buzzing. Uh, yeah. There was a wasp nest not 3 feet away from my little oasis. I'm not gonna lie, they kinda messed up the idyllic vibe I had going. I tried to ignore them but then I realized that Bear would most certainly not protect me if the wasps decided to show me who's boss, so I went inside.

Ahhh, I love this movie. Jacob = love. Why aren't there more guys like him out there? I'm gonna finish this movie up and then have an early night. I hope everyone enjoys Easter Sunday (if you celebrate it!) and if not just have a relaxing weekend :) New videos soon!

Elle Fowler
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