Monday, March 30, 2009

In's and Out's 3

Hey Ladies (and guys - I don't discriminate!) 
I am in my long night class and am completely bored - therefore I am updating this sad blog I keep. So here is another In's and Out's post!

APTOMAKIN!!! - If you have Twilight and you haven't watched it with the commentary - DO IT! I was dying laughing... Rob is the funniest person ever!

Glitzy-Glam being expanded within a week - We are adding TONS of goodies, including a build your own keychain option, brush holders (the glass ones with beads, not cloth ones), makeup bags in TONS more colors, more wine glasses (cheaper ones!), and more. Yay for that! Go to to check out the store

Mac Naked Lunch/ Shadowy Lady combo - been wearing this A LOT lately. It is gorgeous and simple. 

My Iphone - I will never get another phone. Unless they get a newer, cooler, version, my loyalty lies with my little white iphone. She is my baby. 

The insane amount of school work I have - I know I am a second semester Junior and Junior year is the hardest in college, but good grief! I barely have time to sleep (hence the no video for the past week+). 

No Bloopers on the Twilight DVD

Kitten getting locked in a bedroom during the birthday party and us having to call the landlord over to get her out

This week - let's hope it gets better because it didn't start out well. 

You guys tell me your In's and Out's! I love reading other peoples - they are fun!
Hopefully I will have a video up soon - I'm sorry!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Review on L'oreal Sublime Glow Daily Moisturizer

So back in high school I went through probably 20+ tubes of this stuff and swore by it, but in college I got out of the habit of using it. Recently I found an unopened bottle in the back of my drawer and decided to give it a try since it had been a favorite of mine for years. I have completely fallen back in love. I use the medium one, even though I am quite pale, and apply it all over my body once a day. It builds in color, but honestly I am pretty dark after using it for only 2 days. Since it is buildable, there is no streaking or splotching of color. It is quite amazing. It is $9.99 at BOGO 50% off, but I have seen in cheaper at drugstores. One suggestion would be to rinse your hands under water right after you apply it. It is not intense so you will not get orange palms, but this just helps prevent any discoloration around the nail area. I don't even use soap, I just rinse my hands and then dry them. I rate this product 4.5 stars, only because it does have a slight smell. It is not horrible, but when you first apply it you can smell it on you for a hour or so. The best part about this stuff? It has tiny tiny shimmer bits to it that make you really glow. They are not too "glitter ball" but just the right amount. I really love this stuff.

Bottom Line: 
If you want a tan quickly without having to deal with possible mistakes, this is good. It is not expensive, and my ONLY gripe is the smell, but only for the first hour. I would suggest putting it on before bed (it won't stain your sheets, it is very mild). Yay for good, subtle, fake tanners!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Review on Lush's Therapy Massage Bar

Massage bars from Lush are like solid lotion bars. This one cost $8.75, but there are TONS of different massage bars that lush makes. These double as a massage oil bar and a luxurious moisturizer. You get out of the shower and dry off and then rub this all over your body. The bar melts on contact and makes your skin silky-smooth. This is one product I bought for my mom and sister too, and both of them love it as well. This is the blurb on the lush website:
"If you've never tried our massage bars before, we recommend you start with this one. It's completely organic, from the shea and cocoa butter that warm up with the heat of massage and melt into your skin (to make for a smooth, moisturizing but not slippery massage) to the lavender, sweet orange and neroli oils meant to relax and uplift you. We recommend this one for rubbing onto pregnant bellies to soothe and moisturize. Try it out; you'll never go back to those slippery massage oils again."

It smells very nice, not overwhelming at all, just very subtle. I would suggest letting it soak into your skin for a little bit before putting on your clothes because it makes your skin slick for the first few minutes. My mom and I have normal to dry skin and our skin literally drinks this stuff up. The lady at my lush counter said that this helps with stretch marks as well. I will be repurchasing this again, but I am going to test-smell other scents and maybe try a new one next time.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Review on Lush's Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

Hi Lovelies!!
I plan on reviewing each one of lush's products that I try on here. I will make a video when I try all of them with my thoughts. You can purchase all of these at The first product I tried was the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar ($6.65), shown here:
I used this the night I drove home 8 hours for my break. I was exhausted both mentally and physically, and this was just what I needed to perk me up. This smells just like rockstar soap, which is my favorite scent from lush. It smells slightly tangy, and very sweet, like candy. I broke this is half so I could use it in two baths. I took the half I was using and crumbled it in my hand under warm running water. It immediately made big fluffy white bubbles. The nice thing about these bubbles was that they did not go away very quickly. I sat there soaking for a good 20 minutes and the bubbles were still as nice as ever. The scent stays in the water, but its not nearly as heavy once its in bubble form. My bath smelled amazing and felt very luxurious. I would purchase this product again, and I like that it is good for two baths. A little over $3 a bath is a little on the pricey side, but if you look at it as a treat and not an every night type thing then it seems ok. I recommend this for a perk me up type bath, even though I used it late at night. I would go for a more soothing one like the comforter or bathos bubble bars for a unwinding bath after a long day. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sephora Sale!

So there's a 15% off sale going on at Sephora now through March 7th. The discount code is J89LM. Just wanted to let everyone know!

I am getting a backup Nars laguna bronzer and the infamous Nars orgasm blush. I have a huge love for Nars - every single thing that I have tried from there I have loved (except the foundation, which broke me out). I really want to try a multiple because I have dry skin so I think it will give me a dewy glow but I don't know which color to get! I think I might wait for the multiple to try them out in person. The only thing that stinks about Nars is the price. It is very expensive in my opinion, but for blush and bronzer I think its worth it in moderation. Basically, I'm not going to run out and buy 15 blushes, but having 2 or 3 won't kill me. As of now I only have one, in Angelika, which I adore!

Is anyone else taking advantage of this sale? Let me know what you get!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In's and Out's 2


Water and Green Tea: These have been my staples since cutting back on the Diet Coke. I haven't completely given them up but I am getting there - I am down to one a day which is MAJOR for me. 

My new skin care line: Yes I finally did a video on this! I have been talking about it forever but I am quite finicky with my skin and I wanted to make sure I liked it a few weeks in. I am still using it and still loving it. I like the moisturizer in particular. Very thick and creamy mmmm...

My Mac 227 brush: Oh brush how I love you. I have been using this recently to slap Grand Entrance all over my entire lid when I'm in a hurry. AND its great at highlighting. I love it!

Twilight: Yes my dear friends, I am still hooked. Don't judge me, I can't help my own thoughts. Enough said.

Getting to go home in 3 days!!!: YAY! I get to go home on FRIDAY for a whole week! I get so homesick at school - I haven't been home since Christmas. Can't wait for home cooked food and my big bed and lots of bubble baths! And a lush review video of course!

Chocolate covered strawberries: Thank you Elise for bringing back the addiction lol.


The kitten having an obsession with my Louis Vuitton: Remember when I sent you that cute picture on twitter of the kitten napping in my bag? Well I don't know WHAT it is but she won't leave it alone. And she is getting claw snag all over everything in the house including my purse. Annoying!

Midterm week: Ughhh HATE. This week = death

Car accidents under my window: We live on an intersection of two busy-ish streets and my room is the one on that corner. There was a car accident RIGHT under my window this morning that jarred me awake. My first thought was that someone had hit my car that was parallel parked right there on the street. Everyone was okay from the crash BTW. 

Foot cramps: Why oh why does this happen to me? Why? I am the ONLY person I know who gets cramps in the arch of my foot every few weeks OF MY LIFE. It's not lack of potassium, I eat a TON of bananas (love those) and its not lack of water. My doctor said my arches are too high and they aren't supportive of my height (5'8). Apparently between too small feet (7), too tall me (5'8) and too high arches, I get foot cramps the rest of my life. Got one last night = OWWW.

Okay thats it guys. Hahaha hope you don't get bored. LUB!!!

(Lub is my new favorite phrase = LUV= LOVE!)

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