Thursday, July 23, 2009

Insomnia, Bear, and my first birthday

Today is my one year birthday of videos on youtube, as you all probably know from twitter. I had planned on doing a little video about it, but honestly I am a bit tired today. I was sick earlier this week with a bit of a stomach bug and I am getting over that, so my body just feels tired and sore. I will eventually go and buy myself a cupcake though :)

So basically - and HUGE thanks to everyone who has stuck with me throughout this last year. I would not still be doing videos if you guys weren't watching them and leaving such nice feedback. We all complain about haters and stuff like that but the fact of the matter is that 99% of comments I get are extremely positive. I encourage everyone to make videos if they want to - don't be scared.. my first video was horrible! Want to see a screenshot of it? It is not even public anymore on youtube.. but here is a nice picture..
Basically I am not angled towards the camera at all, I don't even look at it, and the worst part is.. I don't even talk! I turn the camera on and then sit there putting on my makeup. My point is, anyone can make videos.. even if you are a bit shy at first. If you want to see how it will turn out, do what I did! Make a video (you don't even have to speak if you don't want people to hear you) and then put it up to see what it looks like! I did that a miraculously got about 7 subscribers - and I was like YES!!! HAPPY DANCE!! Hopefully that will encourage some of you to go out and try it :)

On a different note, Bear is doing a bit better. That is him over there <----- with his head in my lampshade. He is eating a little bit of ham every day, which is progress because he used to not eat anything at all. Mom encouraged him to eat by telling him for every bite he eats he can have 3 minutes in the guinea pig cage, which he loves. They get along quite nicely (no, he would never hurt guinea.. guinea is more likely to hurt Bear).

Have any of you guys read the book "Agnes, thongs, and full frontal snogging"? If you have, then you will know what I am talking about. I kind of want to write a book like that, only about my life. I think that would be funny. I might do that when I have time on my hands, which is never, unfortunately. It would be diary style, and very silly.

I have decided to classify myself as a full-fledged insomniac. I have always thought that I am one but I never really would have said, "Hi, I am Elle, and I have a problem. I have insomnia." Now I will say that when I meet people. My life consists of waking up insanely early for my liking (I can't help if my body "naturally" wants to wake up at 1pm), walking about sleepy all day, feeling ready to pass out by 7, and then as soon as the sun sets it is like BAM! And then I am wide awake and super productive. I can study for exams, clean my room, make videos, work out.. anything! So then I stay up late because I am doing things that need to get done and then I have to wake up early again. It is a vicious cycle. Maybe I should move to a place like Alaska where it is light out less time than normal places. But that opens an ENTIRELY new problem - I am afraid of the dark! I wouldn't want it to be night all the time because then I would never leave my house!

Oh dear... I have exhausted myself. I must wait until sundown to contemplate all this new information.

What would you guys like to see more videos of in this coming year? More tutorials, reviews, fashion videos, drugstore videos, vlogs? Let me know in a comment :) Love you!! MWAH!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend with Lollipop26

Hey everyone! So I just had the most amazing weekend with lollipop26 - my youtube "big sister". She was the person whose videos I stumbled across last July, and if you had told me then that in a years time we were going to be gallivanting around New York I would not have believed you at all. As I write this I feel like I am thinking in a British accent :)
Here were the highlights of our weekend:
  • Me teaching her cursive at dinner while our waiter tells me my cursive looks like a grade schooler.
  • Buying everything named "Twilight".
  • Laura teaching me that it is only classy to buy makeup with cute names, so "Bright Plum" was out and "Underwater Fantasy" was in.
  • Deciding it would be a fantastic idea to sew our own hair extensions - so we go buy some hair and some clips and then spend all friday night complaining that it is too hard.
  • Which reminds me of this - going into a hair store to buy hair and coming out each with nail polish, NYX jumbo eye pencils, needles from the 1950s (so we can sew our hair), earrings, and really trashy dangling belly button rings, just because we are terrible enablers.
  • Laura thinking that our green salsa at dinner was actually our guacamole, and that it was "very odd, because guacamole is actually normally a bit thicker".
  • Seeing Bruno - haha
  • Buying exactly the same things at forever 21 (which means our hauls might be a bit redundant).
Basically it was the most fun weekend ever. We are already planning a trip in October to visit again. I bought a ton of stuff so I will make sure to do a haul. I think I will break it into two parts - makeup and then clothing/jewelry just because there is a lot. We didn't take any pictures because we kept forgetting our cameras, and no video because we just didn't have time. We tried to cram everything in a 3 day period, which is hard since we both wanted to sleep until noon every morning.

I will get a haul video up as soon as I can, I would love to do it tomorrow after work if I am not exhausted. I also bought makeup for a "summer drugstore" look so I need to get that up SOON because summer is almost over! School is going to start for those of you still in grade school soon! Those are next priority to film, so those will go up this week.

BTW - Laura and I had a long heart to heart about when you know you have too much makeup and it is time for an intervention. She said she knew when she went to buy makeup one day and the bag sat in her room for 2 days untouched. So we went into my room and lo and behold - a mac bag, with 2 MSF's - untouched. She embarked on Project 10 pan as her mission - I am going to do a massive blog sale. I will sell makeup of course, but I think I will sell so other things too - like my unworn coach shoes (Size 8 :) ), and my dooney and bourke bags. I could sell them on ebay but I feel like it would be easier to do it on a blog sale, and if they don't sell then I will do ebay. When I go home in a few weeks I will do it, but it will probably be US only to make shipping simple, so I can get the packages out the next day (Sorry!)

Okay I work in the morning and it has been an amazing, but exhausting, weekend so I should probably go to bed now. Love you guys tons - can't wait to be back in my bedroom at my own house at school - I feel like it has been AGES! xoxo :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

60,000 subs and Bachelorette Drama

Hey guys!!! GUESS WHAT?!

Haha - if you follow me on twitter you totally guessed right cause I have been yapping about it all day! I HIT 60,000 SUBSCRIBERS!!!! 
And that means....da da da DA!!! Contest time!! EEEPP!

So I just really want to thank you guys - and I want to show my appreciation with this contest. I honestly love each and every one of you :) 

Today I came home from work all excited to check my numbers.. and I was at 60,003! I wanted to film the contest video right away but youtube decided to have its banner of death (youtube maintenance). So it will go up tomorrow - have no fear! Today was actually a REALLY good day - I got to watch the bachelorette, which I love. 


Don't say I didn't warn you haha! But honestly guys... WHAT just happened with Wes? Have you ever known a bigger a**ho*e? It made me sick to watch him attempt to lie. He is a bad singer, but an even worse actor, and an even WORSE person. Who do you want to win/think will win (those might be different answers!). I think Kiptyn and Reid will be the final two. Personally, I would pick Kiptyn, but I think Reid might be a better match for her. That's just my personal opinion though :)
Sigh - I love that show. Maybe I can be a bachelorette one day (kidding..kind of. Hopefully it won't come to that). 

*************END SPOILERS**************

On another note, I have completely caught up to the new episode of True blood, (Season 2, episode 4), and I must say I am hooked. It took some getting used to, but I really like it. I DON'T like the violence part, but the romance part over powers that I think. I have Thursday and Friday off work so I am planning on going and buying the first few Sookie Stackhouse books and spending all weekend reading. I don't know if you guys know this about me - but when I get into a series I literally do NOTHING but read. I finished the whole twilight series in a week I think. That is why I am waiting until Wednesday night, because I will want to call in sick to work to read (and that is not okay lol). When the Harry Potter books used to come out I would request a few days off work just so I could enjoy them. 

Michellephan from YouTube is visiting me on Thursday and we are planning on doing a collaboration video - so that's exciting!! 

Anyway it is 10:58 pm right now - about 4.5 hours before my normal bedtime - and I am actually tired, for once. I think I might be asleep by midnight, which is crazy talk for me. 

Question of the post: Well obviously the bachelorette questions if you watch that, but also - do you guys like these "diary" like posts that have nothing to do with beauty really? I am in the process of building a real website, and I am going to have a "beauty blog" section, but I am thinking of having a "diary" section too for posts like this, but only if you guys enjoy haha! 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Evening

Sundays are very love/hate for me. On one hand, I love them because they are the one day that you can do anything you want to do, but on the other hand... it is the end of the weekend. I dread Mondays, even if I love my job/classes/whatever it might be that I have to do that day. It is 5:45 pm right now, and I am starting to get that I-dread-tomorrow feeling - even though I adore my internship! Isn't that weird? 

Today I slept in and then went to get a mani/pedi with my roommate. I think pedicures are one of the most relaxing things to have done, and yet I never make the time to go get them. My last actual pedicure was probably April, and I have just been painting them myself since then. I think it should be a goal to get a pedicure at least once every 6 weeks. Manicures are not AS important to me because I can keep them up easier myself, but honestly I think pedicures are completely necessary. We are so hard on our feet - and living in New York I am walking A LOT. 

Now I feel completely primped and refreshed, which is a great feeling. My nail lady put together a really pretty nail combination - Essie Ballet Slipper with Essie Mademoiselle over top. It is GORGEOUS - very clean looking. I might buy one or both these polishes to keep up this color. 

Tonight I am going to order Thai food - that sounds so delicious!! I haven't had thai since being here, but I am craving it tonight. All I have had to eat today was half a bagel... so yeah, I am hungry haha. 

What are you guys doing on your Sunday Evening (or whatever time it is where you are)? 

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Small Clothing Haul

Today I went shopping with my roommate in Soho. We hit up a few stores including Necessary Clothing and a few more boutique-y type places. I didn't go CRAZY, but I did buy a few things :) I thought I would share!

This top was from necessary clothing and I thought it was cute. It is A LOT cuter on than it is in this picture, but that goes for most clothing items. I tried on about 11 things from this store and this was the ONLY thing that looked decent. I felt like the whole store was designed for someone a whole foot shorter than me haha (I am 5'8, so I am tall!)

I love scarves in the winter - it is a good way to add a pop of bright color to your look so I got a few of these. I know it is not winter right now but it will be soon enough! And I go to school in a pretty cold place - the winters are icy and brutal! 

These were my FAVORITE find!! I'm sure lots of you have these, but they are little bandeau tops that you can wear under tanks or shirts that come down too low in the front. They aren't bras but you can wear them over strapless to give you more coverage under a low cut top. They had them in EVERY color at necessary clothing, and the best part is - they are only $3.99 each! Score! I might do a video talking about this because it is one of those tricks that REALLY save my life sometimes. 

I also got a few accessories - a black stretchy belt and 2 bracelets :) Yay for a successful shopping day! AND I rode the subway for the first time.. which was quite the experience. I definitely see how it is the quickest/cheapest way to get around NY but it was slightly scary :/

Friday, July 3, 2009

4th of July Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone! Happy 4th of July Eve! So today I decided to film a tutorial on 4th of July Makeup, but unfortunately it did not come out very well. My bathroom setup washes me out really badly, and this was the first time I had tried to film a colorful look there. Let's just say it did NOT work. I miss my bedroom at school so much - colorful looks always come out well there :(
Anyway I have decided to turn it into a blog post so that it would not be completely wasted. I basically did white on the inner corners, red on the outer corners, and blue underneath with navy liner. I will list all the products I used.
  • I first used Fascinating Eye Kohl from Mac, which is just a white eyeliner. You can use whatever you have lying around your bathroom (this goes for ALL the products in this look). I applied this all over the inner half of my eye, then rubbed it in. 
  • Next I used Artifact paint pot from mac, a deep red base on the outer corner of my eyes. 
  • I applied a white shimmery eyeshadow (Naked Cosmetics Mother Nature 1) over the white base and a red shimmery eyeshadow (MUFE star powder in 921) over the red part.
  • I used a deep blue shimmery shadow (Naked Cosmetics Ebony 2) under my eyes.
  • For Liner I used Navy Stain from Mac on both the upper line and the waterline.
  • For a inner corner highlight and my brow highlight color I used Naked Cosmetics Ivory 6, which is a gorgeous white with blue duocrome. 
  • For gloss I used Macs Underage for just a neutral pink. 
And then we are done! I like the way this turned out, I wish the video had been alright. Have a great 4th of July everyone!

In's and Out's 4

I love reading everyone's In's and Out's, so here are mine :)

  • Summer - I love summer, but unfortunately it has rained the whole summer here in NYC. Nevertheless, I still love not having classes! 
  • Glitzy-Glam getting a new "face" very shortly! We hired a guy to design us a new look, more professional, for the site. I will twitter it as soon as it goes live, of course!
  • Which reminds me, I am loving twitter right now too! I have been on upload overload - I hope you guys aren't getting tired of my constant pointless updates lol!
  • Honey Lust mixed with Amber Lights and a little All That Glitters all over the lid with mulch in the crease - gorgeous neutral summery look.
  • True Blood - the show from HBO. It's for sure not "kid friendly" but since I love Twilight so much I have gotten into this show. I don't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed The Tudors, but since I finished that show up until next season I need a new fix.
  • BlogTV - my new obsession
  • The fact that I have put up about 4 blog posts today - I think that is a record. Yes - it is haha :)
  • Cream de la mer face cream

  • The Weather - its gross here 80% of the time haha.
  • Being homesick - I am both homesick for my home (my cats, family, swimming pool, and moms cooking) and my school home (my roomies and my cute little bedroom and kitten). It is going to be SO WEIRD going back to that bedroom after being gone for so long but I feel like that is more my "home" than anywhere else. I am currently living in like 3 states haha - and I have bedrooms in 4. That is odd. 
  • Not being able to put up as many videos as I want to, because I am working so much. At school I was able to do about 1 every other day, but here I am lucky to get 2 up a week. One will be up tomorrow for sure!
  • The fact that I have been meaning to get my toes done for 3 weeks and still haven't. I do them myself all the time but I think getting a good pedicure every few months is completely crucial for pretty feet :)
If anyone wants to write me your Ins and Outs I would love to read them!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm in Seventeen Magazine!!!

Hey everyone!!! Here are the pics of my from the August issue of Seventeen Magazine - one of my twitter followers was sweet enough to scan it for me :) You guys should go check it out to see more youtube gurus, including my sister. I'm gonna talk about this in my June Favs video, but this way you see it before then! HOW EXCITING!! I was literally DYING to tell you guys - I have known about this since MARCH!!!! 

My 4th of July Weekend

I can't believe it is getting close to 4th of July already! This summer is speeding by - don't you hate it when that happens? I feel like the winter months creep on by, and then summer goes like a racehorse. Today is Thursday, and I have spent my whole day doing laundry and watching the show True Blood. I was thinking... what was I doing last year at this time?

Well let me tell you. Last year I found YouTube right around the beginning of July. I posted my first video on July 21st, but it was so bad I took it down, and then put another one up on July 23rd. From there I kept going and now... well now I am sitting here writing to all you guys! 

Today is a rainy day in NYC, so I am just laying around relaxing. Tomorrow I am going to put up my June favs video (I know haha, it's already July but whatever) and then film a 4th of July look that will go up Saturday. Saturday my roomie and I are planning on going shopping and then watching the fireworks. Maybe one day this weekend I will do another BlogTV - the last one was fun.

What are all your plans for July 4th? Maybe if you have cool ones I can live vicariously through you :) BTW, has anyone gone out and bought the August Seventeen Magazine?! Flip it open to see a huge picture of my face! 

One more thing - I am inching closer to 60,000 subscribers - I am going to do a contest as soon as I hit that! I will probably have Coastal Scents and Glitzy Glam prices  - everyone seems happy with those usually. 

Okay I am going to continue laying around lol...

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