Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's in my bag?

I finally did an updated what's in my bag after over a year! Some things stayed the same, but a few new things were added. I'm kinda boring with my bags (the inside part) as I tend to just keep the same stuff in there all the time, without much changing.

I also have discovered I have a problem: my bag ALWAYS weighs about 50 pounds. This is totally unnecessary and it leading me to an early death of a back break.

What is your top 5 things that you HAVE to keep in your bag? Mine would be:
1. My Juicy Couture key ring thingy with all my cards and quarters.
2. My makeup bag (of course!!) with all my necessities.
3. A book or 2, I always whip one out if I have to wait around anywhere. You would be surprised at how often you have to wait a few minutes without noticing! Restaurants, gas stations, banks, in line somewhere, there's tons of opportunities to get a few pages in!
4. My phone - this one is quite obvious. I am quite a texting addict, as most people in my generation are.
5. Painkillers and bandaids (tylenol, motrin, etc). I didn't mention these in my video because I am actually out (I need to restock!) but normally I always keep some on hand. You never know when you, or someone around you, will have a headache or a scratch!

-Elle Fowler

Project 10 Pan


Hey everyone! Long time, no blog post :) I'm currently laying in bed watching Ice Age with my littlest sister, so I figured I would show this blog some love. I adore the little squirrel!!

Over the last couple days I have contemplated embarking on Project 10 Pan. If you don't know what this is, it's basically for people who have more makeup/beauty products than they need. You refrain from buying anything new until you have completely finished up 10 products of your choice. The "pan" reference comes from hitting pan on a product, you know, like when the tin part shows :) It's quite a good feeling to know you actually got your moneys worth out of a product. Many other YouTube gurus (lollipop26 being my inspiration) have tried this out, some more than once!

Lately I have been having buyer's remorse over some products, so that is why I am thinking about trying this out. I think it will be good for me. The hardest part about it is finding the right time to do it, and since I am having LASIK eye surgery in 2 weeks this is good timing for me... I won't be thinking about makeup for a little while after! (or maybe I will... knowing me lol.) I did some preliminary research on the MAC collections coming out in the coming 2 months to make sure nothing was absolutely worthy, but the next collection I am excited about comes out in May (the to the beach collection). I better be all finished by then! Commence lip gloss applying 25 times a day!

I don't need my collection looking like this, tons of products
in the exact same color.

I think I would do an "Elle version" of this project and allow myself to buy something if I REALLY, honestly, do not have anything like it in my collection (which is saying something because I have a lot) or if it's an everyday product that I run out of (like concealer, I only use one kind).

Anyway, would anyone want to join me on this project? Maybe if we can all complain together it will be easier!

-Elle Fowler

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