Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Long Update and New Love

Hey everyone!

Long time no post huh? I figured I would give a quick update. I am still in New York for the summer for my internship - and I am loving it! It's quite an exciting place to be for the summer. There are LOADS of exciting stuff going on in my life right now. 

1) Lollipop26 from YouTube is coming to visit me in two weeks - we have been planning a get together for AGES! We are planning a spa day and tons of makeup shopping. We MIGHT do a NYC meet and greet, but we aren't positive how we feel about that yet (what if creepy creepertons came?). We are currently both going through  whirlwind of present buying for each other :)

2) I am going through a complete "Love YouTube" mode right now. We all go through phases where we aren't feeling it, and then we are, and then we get bored with it again, but right now is a peak time for me loving it. Expect my June favs tomorrow or Wednesday (lets hope for tomorrow!).

3) I have found the love of my life (no, not a boy...) 
Creme de la mer moisturizing cream. Yes it IS terribly expensive - but honestly, I would be willing to spend my last bit of money on good skin. What is more important than good facial skin (unless you are going without food for this, or have kids that need the money)? Expect a review on this product soon - it is love for me. 

Videos coming up soon:
June Favorites
Tanning Video - might have to re-film, camera issues
Night Time Skin Routine
Possibly more fashion/styling videos/accessories
Tutorial Featuring Naked Cosmetics - I sure bought enough of it!

So anyway, I hope you guys are having an amazing Monday night/Tuesday morning. Goodnight!

P.S. What would you guys think of a weekly BlogTV? Would people be interested? 


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