Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My recent Forever 21 fashion haul

So this post is going to be super long, but whatever! Last night I went shopping online at forever21.com and so I figured I would share what I bought! My total was around $250, but for all I got I thought that was a super good deal! All of these items should still be available if you want to pick one up for yourself. A word to the wise though, forever 21 is really weird fitting sometimes, so if you buy online just be aware that you might have to return some things, and you can only return the items by sending it back through the mail, unless you just want store credit. I am thinking that at LEAST one item won't work out and I will have to do a return. I will write the name and price under each item, as well as why I like it :) Enjoy! 
Lace Trim Chiffon Top: $19.80
I just think this is a super flirty, girly top. This was the first item that grabbed me on the site, and after deciding to get this my shopping cart just kept expanding. I love the buttons on the front - lovely detailing. What color shorts would this look best with? Charcoal? Black? 

Babydoll Colorblock dress in Grey and Purple: $12.50
I bought this one in two colors because it is super cute!! Plus for the price, why not? I am really hoping this one works for me, I really am in love with it. These would be great to wear to work this summer for my internship too paired with low heels or ballet flats and some cute accessories. 
Fab Colorblock Pleat Dress: $12.50
I bought this one because I love it, but unfortunately strapless dresses never work for me. I couldn't help myself though.. I am really hoping this one works! 
Colorblock Tank Dress: $15.80
I already own this in grey, but I just really like it for work. Paired with some gold jewelry and cute shoes you could really dress it up, and its very classy. 
Crochet Cotton Dress: $22.80 
I love the detailing on the top part of this dress. I got this just cause I liked it, but I wish it had come in other colors other than black. Oh well, black looks good on me :)
Ginette Chiffon Top: $17.80
I just love the colors and style of this one. 
Simple Knit Skirt: $7.80
Everyone needs a basic black pencil skirt right? (I already have one from american apparel, but whatever!)
Satin Bow Front Skirt: $15.80
Oooh, I love this one... I really hope it fits! 

Here is an entire outfit I bought, taken from one of the models on the website - I love it! The shirt, shorts, bangles, and ring are all a part of it.
Wooden Bead Chiffon Tunic: $27.80
Look at the beading! I love this top so much.. I hope it fits well!
Cheyna Cuffed Short: $17.80
Basic Charcoal shorts - I didn't have any in this color
Thin Dimpled Bangle Set: $5.80
I wouldn't have bought these if I had gold bangles already but I didn't, so I got them!
Side Dimpled Stone Ring: $4.80
Love this ring, and it goes with the outfit perfectly! And so cheap!

Here are some pieces of jewelry I got, I love how cheap everything is on this site! 
Mesh Flower Pearl Necklace: $5.80

Large Flower ring: $4.80
Gemstone Necklace: $4.80
Mixed Charm Necklace: $7.80
Rhinestone Cluster Ring: $4.80
Rhinestone Droplet Earrings: $4.80
Pleather Box Boddy Pins: $2.80
Fab Satin Bow Bobby Pins: $1.50
I also bought these in cream and hot pink, I love little bows!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Review on Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes

Every girl loves false eyelashes right? Honestly, I am the type of person who would love to wear falsies every day but they are too much of a hassle. You have to put glue on them, not too much but not too little, let it get tacky, and then place it JUST SO on your lash line so that you don't get glue all over your eye (which always happens to me). Well that problem seems to be solved, since recently I discovered Revlon's lashes with the glue already on the lash. You can buy these at drugstores and anywhere Revlon is sold. These sell for about $5.99.
They come with the lashes, an additional strip of glue for each eye, and a plastic piece to help push the lashes down far on your lash line. They actually feel a lot more sturdy on the eye than I would have though, and seem to be less irritating than the glue on ones (maybe because I tend to get the glue in my eye...). These will stay on all night, no problem, and are sticky enough that if you mess up you can peel them off and reapply them without risking them losing their consistency. 

Here is a picture of me wearing these lashes:
Here is this tutorial:

Overall, I give these lashes 5 stars. These are my lashes of choice at the moment, and I will be 
using them again. They are also perfect for on the go glamour, since you can just throw them in 
your bag without the hassle of glue. If you get them, let me know what you think!


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