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Spring Cleaning Blog Sale - Closed!

EDIT: Everything is bought and paid for! Thank you so much everyone! Until next time!

Spring Cleaning Time! I have WAY too much makeup, so I am cleaning some of it out of my collection. I have wanted to do one of these blog sale type sales for AGES but just never got around to it - but now I am! What else would I do on a quiet Sunday afternoon? Make sure to read the description of the product you are wanting to purchase! While the products sell, I will be editing this and putting SOLD! next to the item if it is already gone, so make sure to check if it is sold already!

The rules are:
1) If you want an item, say so in the comments along with your Paypal email address. I will then send you an invoice. First come, first served! Also, email your shipping address to once you have paid.
2) Paypal is the only method of payment accepted - it's just easier and more secure;
3) Please ensure you pay for the item immediately upon receiving the invoice - or at least some time within the next 2 hours; otherwise the item will be given to the next person who requested it. If you aren't sure you want it, don't comment for it! Leave it for someone who does want it :)
4) I will ship worldwide for all but the last 4 big items, those will be US only because we don't have international tracking. However, for international it will be a "buy at your own risk".
5) US Shipping is $3 for the first item, $.50 for each item after that. The 4 designer items have an additional shipping added - see the description for that. International shipping will be $5 for the first item, and $.50 for each additional item.
5) No returns! Items are sold "as is".

Happy Shopping!!

I took all of these pictures with my camcorder (aka, not good quality) so the color of the products may be slightly off - please keep that in mind while deciding whether you want something.

Pending! Make Up For Ever Concealer Palette in #3: Originally $36, My Price $28
This palette comes with 5 shades of concealer, including one with a red hue so that you can conceal the blue circles under your eyes. I bought this spur of the moment, and I have swatched 3 of the colors. I have only worn this once. The reason I am selling is because I am using other concealers at the moment, and this palette is sitting unused in my collection. Colors look lighter than they are in person! I am NW20, and this was a bit dark for me!

SOLD BRAND NEW Mac "Honesty" Eyeshadow: Orginally $14.50, My Price: $11
This is brand new, still in box. The box is a bit scruffed up for where it has been in a drawer, but the reason I am selling this is because I already have this color in my collection. I received this as a gift from my roommate, but I already owned the color, so it got put in a drawer for awhile. Now, it's time to go to a new home!

SOLD! Mac "Mulch" Eyeshadow: Orginally $14.50, My Price: $8
This color has been used a few times - maybe under 10 times. This is a color I own multiples of because it is so pretty in the crease, but I have decided I only need to keep one. Therefore, this one is getting a new home!

PENDING BRAND NEW Mac MSF in "So Ceylon": Originally $28, My Price $28

This product has never been used, and still in the box. The reason it is not reduced in price is because it is not available for sale anymore, as it was limited edition. It's very pretty, but way too dark for my skin tone. I ordered it online and didn't realize how dark it would be on me!

BRAND NEW Make Up For Ever Star Powders: Originally $19, My Price $14

NOTE: These are sold SEPARATELY! Each one is $14. Make sure to note which color you want!
SOLD Top Left: 930 Bronze Brown
SOLD Bottom Left: 917 Gorgeous shimmery rose red.
SOLD Top Right: 955 Plum with Blue Highlights
SOLD Bottom Right: 910 Chartreuse Green
All of these are unopened, still sealed, and come in their original boxes. The boxes are a bit scruffed up from sitting in my drawer. I am selling these because, as gorgeous as they are, they just haven't been used. I am trying to part with things I have never used, as much as I would love to keep everything. That's what Spring Cleaning is all about!

SOLD BRAND NEW Mac Lightful Active Softening Lotion: Originally $30, My Price: $25

Bought this because of all the hype surrounding it when it was released... but I never got around to using it. Still unopened. Here is the blurb from the Mac Website:
"Hydrating, water-based lotion. Absorbed quickly into skin. Immediately infuses depleted skin with moisture. Leaves it feeling refreshed, soothed and soft with a more even-toned look."

SOLD Almay Smart Shade Blush in "Berry": Originally $8.99, My Price: $4
I bought a couple of these in New York for a drugstore tutorial and then never really used this one again - used twice. It's really pretty on the skin - gives you a nice healthy glow.

SOLD BRAND NEW Bumble and Bumble Treatment "Density Therapy": Originally $30, My Price: $20

I bought this because I mistook it for a product to help your hair grow longer - turns out it is more for helping stop hair loss. It has menthol in it I believe, so it will smell a bit minty, but if you have thinning hair you might want to try this out!

BRAND NEW Mac mini glosses: Bought as a set, each is $5
These came out of Mac Holiday mini sets - and these colors were never used. They are sold SEPARATELY - please note which color you want! Also, see picture below to see the size comparison to a full size mac gloss - these are mini's!
Left to Right:

SOLD Fleur De Light
SOLD Underage
SOLD Song and Dance
SOLD Little Vi
SOLD Magnetique
SOLD Budding
SOLD Flashmode

SOLD Mac "Engaging" Duo: Orginally $19.50, My Price $14
Used a couple times, this color is not available to buy anymore! It has a bronzey side and a light pink side, both mixed with lots of undertones. It is very pretty - I am just selling because it is a bit powdery and I never reach for it.

Mac Shadesticks: Originally $16.50, My Price $5
PENDING Left: Lucky Jade - used
SOLD Right: Silverblu - used but still has quite a bit of product left!

BRAND NEW Mac mini pigments: Bought in a set, each $5
Left: SOLD Gold Stroke
Right: SOLD Melon
I am selling these because I own them both in full size! They are both amazingly gorgeous colors.

SOLD Cuberry set of 5 shadows: Whole set: $5
I have used all of these colors twice or so, and they are really pretty. I am selling them as a set because I haven't reached for them in a long time. Someone else needs to love them, lol!

SOLD Urban Decay Cream Shadow in "Moonshine": Originally $17, My Price: $10
This color is silver and VERY, VERY glittery. This is why it is being sold... its glitter ball material. But, its pretty, and I'm sure someone will like it. Used twice.

Pending BRAND NEW Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow in "Frigid" Originally $18, My price $14

Deep purple with blue sheen - color is gorgeous but it has never been used, so it must go. Brand new in box.

SOLD BRAND NEW Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow in "Freakshow" Originally $18, My Price: $14

Deep purple with Red Sheen - like the one above, gorgeous color but it needs to go - it has been shown no love! Brand New. Color is deeper then what picture shows.

SOLD Chanel Double Perfection Compact in "Intense Sun Beige" : Originally $50, my Price: $20

I used to LOVE this powder!! I think I went through about 6 containers of it while I was using it, but I have since moved on to other products. This one still has about 60% left, but it comes without the sponge... because I threw it out to use this product with a big, fluffy brush. NOTE: This color is DARKER than it looks in the pictures - I didn't know how to turn off the flash :) It is probably the equivalent of NW25-NW30.

The next 4 items are US only! I don't have international tracking and I don't want to risk these not being delivered properly! If they don't sell in the US I might re-list them for international and just pay the extra. For these items shipping will be $7.50 - no additional shipping if you purchase along with products :)

SOLD Coach Loafers, Size 8.5. Worn once. I bought these on a whim, thinking that even though they were too big I would make them work. However, after wearing them for a day I realized they are definitely too big. These would look really cute with jeans! I think I paid around $160 for them, marked down from over $200. My price: $60

SOLD Dooney and Bourke Red Bag: $60. This one is the least used out of the 3 bags. It is in near perfect condition. Red with dark brown trim work. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but it was around $150.

Pending! Dooney and Bourke Pink Bubble Bag: $50
This is one of my favorite bags - I adored this one! I considered keeping it, but it hasn't been used in awhile so it needs to go to a loving home. This one has a small spot on the front, you can see it next to the right tassle. I'm sure it could be cleaned, but I have just never taken care of it. It was like that when it was purchased. Anyway - I love the bubblegum pink colors of this bag, along with the gorgeous dark brown trim work. It can go over the shoulder. I feel like it matches my personality pretty well :) Again, I paid around $150 for this.

Pending! Dooney and Bourke Black Tassle Tote: $40 Small and classy, I used to love taking this to work with me. It's been well taken care of, and still smells like leather. Paid around $150 for this.

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