Sunday, March 21, 2010

Late Night Ramblings

It's 11:30pm on Sunday evening, and instead of trying to sleep like a normal person I am wide awake. Blair and I are leaving at 7:30am to drive to the airport, then we are flying to LA for a few days. We have been traveling so much lately packing is a piece of cake. My carry-on was still packed from NY, with my NAP blanket from Brookstone, my NAP neck pillow, a pair of absurdly fuzzy socks, and a brand new book. Plus I always carry my makeup brushes and jewelry in my carry-on so they don't get all mangled up in my suitcase.

Don't laugh... but I really think a pair of these NAP boots would be the perfect thing to keep my toes toasty warm, even if they would look a bit ridiculous. Planes are cold!------>

I took some melatonin to help me sleep but it hasn't kicked in so I am just going to have a nice ramble until it does. I have complied a small list of Project 10 Lush contenders - products that may be part of my final 5 lush items in this project. They are:

Therapy Massage Bar
Angel's Delight Soap
Porridge Soap
Honey I washed the kids Soap
And I have no idea what number 5 night be - maybe another bath bomb or something simple, since I still have a few. Project 10 pan is...going, I haven't finished anything up yet though, lol. I had to buy new hairspray and shampoo but thankfully those are not makeup items so I did not feel guilty in the least.

Hmmm... still wide awake. Perhaps an In's and Out's?

Goggles - yes. I like my goggles. Call me crazy, but I feel "safe" in them. My eyes are feeling deceptively normal, but I will not be the one in a million case who dislodges her flaps. No. I am taking extra measures. I slept for the last few nights without them on, but then put them back on for last night (cause my left eye was swollen) and woke up with not only normal feeling, unswollen eyes, but my eye sight got better overnight! The doc told me that might happen after about a week, and it has been 9 days - so yay!

Flowers - I love when I am given fresh flowers, they really brighten up a room. My dad got me some flowers the other day, and I have been diligently watering them and keeping away flower chompers. I don't quite have a green thumb, but I am trying.

Project 10 Lush/Pan - It really is a simple pleasure to use up a product entirely. I think all product junkies would agree with me; the majority of our products simply don't get used up. It is like we are children with an extremely low attention span - there is always another product out there that immediately grabs us.

Mystic Tans - Such a nice alternative to burning your skin, and it gives you a glow overnight. It doesn't last long, can be streaky, and is expensive, but for special occasions it can be nice. I just got one tonight for LA, so I smell very self tannerish. Bear doesn't seem to like the smell, so maybe he will avoid by eyeballs tonight. He probably would anyway, because my suitcase is open with black clothing in it, so of course his first priority would be to roll all around on that, and not stomp on my eyeballs. Whatever floats his boat.

My roommates new Maltipoo - fondly nicknamed Roly Poly Bologna, (birth name Lola), she is the cutest little baby ever. I want one. But Bear would eat it. Speaking of, I asked Bear today what he thought of me getting a baby bologna and he acted totally perturbed and then ignored me for an hour.

Contacts/Glasses - This is an obvious one, so I won't bore you with details.

Flower Chompers - enough said. coughbearcough.

Blair waking me up every morning by either singing (we have a paper thin wall between us), Teddy barking, or, if nothing annoying is happening, simply coming in my room to "chat". Let's chat once I wake up. 10am is not a sensible time for a person like me to wake up. Thank you.

Tonight at dinner Dad got into a very philosophical conversation about the question "Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?" (from Alice in Wonderland), and absolutely REFUSED to tell me the answer. So after dinner... I googled. Yes, I googled. And guess what? There is no answer! The author wrote the question meaning for it to have no answer. Apparently the author later wrote this: "Because it can produce a few notes, though… they are very flat; and it is nevar put with the wrong end in front!" (Note the spelling of "never" as "nevar"—turning it into "raven" when inverted. This spelling, however, was "corrected" in later editions to "never" and Carroll's pun was lost." - Wikipedia. Thanks for clarifying Carroll, I get it now...

One more food for thought before going to bed: There is this thing called "sympathetic pregnancy" which is where a man gains weight and suffers morning sickness while his wife is pregnant. Is it a psychological condition, you can research it if you are curious. Anyway... today I noticed Bear had an eye infection. Sure enough, we got him checked, and he needs eye drops. Just like me. He is my own little sympathy lasik case.

Goodnight everyone. No videos for a few days, since we will be on a trip, and unfortunately the comments have not been fixed on this blog :( I don't enjoy posting nearly as much since I can't interact with you guys, but I'm making do until I find out what to do about it. I'm hoping it's a Blogger glitch! Xoxo!

Elle Fowler

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Anonymous said...

I dunno if you got the answer to this already, but a raven is like a writing desk because Poe wrote on both :)

Sarah~ on April 1, 2010 at 12:42 AM said...

I could more apt see Blair wearing those boots in the airplane. ^_^

:( said...

I so wish contacts/glasses were "out" for me too, but my eye doctor said I can't get laser done until I'm older. blegh.

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