Friday, May 7, 2010


I just raided the kitchen for a snack and found out halfway through munching on a wheat thin that the box was expired. This led me to purge my entire pantry, a much too common trend for me. It got me thinking of people's quirks. This is definitely one of my biggest quirks; I am obsessed with food expiration dates. I check it on every single thing that goes in my mouth. Even if I just bought it, it gets checked. It drives my mom crazy when I am at her house because I think she takes it personally (as if she doesn't keep her pantries clean) (she does) but it's not that at all, it's just a full-scale, blown-up quirk.

I also can't sleep if my room is over 72 degrees, but I think that is a much more common quirk. Another one, more of a pet peeve I guess, is that I can't STAND when someone states untrue information as a fact. This used to bother me all the time in college classes, when a student would misstate a fact, but it also pertains to gossip. I know all girls gossip, and I will admit that I have done so occasionally (although I am against it normally), but sometimes I will straight up call BS on the gossiper. If you are ever in a gossipy conversation with me, be forewarned :)

This might be why I am so interested in law (I was pre-law in college); I have this internal need to shut people up who talk about untrue stuff. Let me clarify though, I don't mean if someone is simply repeating or questioning something; I mean when someone states something untrue as a fact. Unfortunately, I have to deal with this a lot on YouTube and in media outlets. Let me say this: you cannot believe 90% of what you read about me online, only what I have directly said or quoted. And included in this are major news sources that I had no idea could print false information until recently. News sources can print any quote, true or not, if it comes from a person (like a hater) and no one is going to question it, even if it is an outright lie. I'm a communications/law major and I did not know that national huge media outlets could go without fact checking and be unethical, but they can. An example would be the Good Morning America piece saying Blair dropped out of school to "shop". Completely false, and a little bit negligent, since no one is going to question Good Morning America. It's a bit unfair to say something hateful about a 17 year old girl who by no means can defend herself against something as big as Good Morning America. This is not the only example, but through YouTube and dealing with this it has dulled my passion to constantly right the wrongs said about me. Sometimes I don't want to outright address an issue for privacy reasons (like my address, full name, cell number, etc) or for legal reasons but that doesn't mean I am "hiding" anything from you. It has gotten to the point where it is more like "Say what you will, and my true fans will stick with me. They are true to me, and I will always be true to them". Those of you that have known me from the beginning will know I haven't changed a bit, just grown with my audience. And that's that.

Moving on. I'm wondering, what are your quirks?

- Elle Fowler
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