Monday, May 3, 2010

illumenature Candle Review

Hey guys! I am currently sick in bed with what could possibly be the flu (bad Blair for getting me sick) so I can't film tonight. Therefore I figured a blog post was in order. I was sitting here noodling over what I could review when I spotted my two candles happily burning on my dresser, and thought, "I know I talked about these in my April Favorites but I will do a blog review as well". If you haven't seen my April Favorites video you can watch it here; I give away 2 of these candles, but please do not comment any "enter me's" on this blog - only on my YouTube video :)

So I was sent 6 scents, and for time purposes I only described 4 of them in my video. I will quickly describe each one, and tell you my favorites. These are available at

The first one is my favorite, and one that I am currently burning. It is called Cinnamon Sticks. This one has the scent of cinnamon bark and spicy yumminess. It smells exactly like big red gum. I didn't burn this one right away, I just let it sit in my room with the lid open, but when I lit it up it immediately grew in scent intensity. I took this picture RIGHT after I lit it, so it hasn't even formed a puddle yet, but it smells marvelous. I will purchase this one when it runs out. One thing I like is how streamlined these candles are, they don't look "homemade" at all.

My next favorite is the Banana Nutbread. This one smells of banana, brown sugar, and vanilla. It is a sweet smelling, cake-like scent, one that would be good in the kitchen. Obviously I am burning mine in my bedroom currently along with Cinnamon Sticks, because I love sweet, food smelling candles. I actually especially love banana nutbread, my mom makes the
best banana nutbread around, but she only makes it in the fall. Maybe I will pester her and get her to make me some tomorrow. "Mom, I'm soooooo sick. I have the flu and the ONLY thing I can eat is your banana nutbread....".

Hahaha I am playing, I wouldn't use her like that, but it does sound tasty!

The next one is a scent I'm sure everyone recognizes, Japanese Cherry Blossom. It smells just like the one from Bath and Body Works, but I am not complaining because it is one of my all time favorite scents. It is a clean scent, slightly floral and very feminine. Plus, the candle itself is pretty; and I am one to judge on those things. I am big on packaging, and if it is not pleasing to the eye I don't want it as decor. The ones from Bath and Body Works are pretty as well, which is why I purchase from them often.

The next one is one I chose not to review on my April favorites, but it is still a nice scent. It is called Citrus Basil. This one smells exactly as it sounds - exceptionally citrusy. It smells like lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit, all mixed into one candle, with a bit of basil leaf. This one I would keep confined to my kitchen or bathroom, just because I like my bedroom to have a softer, more feminine and romantic scent to it. I like it though; it smells very clean and fresh.

Next is Chestnut and Brown Sugar, which smells deceivingly like banana nutbread at first, but once you smell them closely it has its own unique scent. It smells of caramel, chestnuts, vanilla and brown sugar. It is another cake-y scent, smelling like baked goods straight out of the oven. It is a bit less sweet than banana nutbread, but still smells nice and I would recommend it if you like that type of scent.

The last one is my least favorite, but I could see some people enjoying it. It is Lavender, which is a scent that I am so-so about in general. Lavender is great to use at bedtime, because it naturally makes you sleepy and relaxed. I use lavender sometimes in my baths, but it is just not a scent I am personally that attracted to. This one reminds me of laundry detergent - not in a bad way, just a clean, lavender way. It is a fresh scent, and if you are a big lavender fan then the scent is true to its' name.

So that's all of them! For reference, mine are the 8oz size, so they are $11.99 each. They are also available in a 20oz.

Speak soon,
Elle Fowler
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