Saturday, May 22, 2010

Eyeball Stomping, Prom, and Hair Extensions

After getting about 5 hours of restless sleep I am wide awake but totally exhausted, so it makes perfect sense to write a blog post right now. I am currently trying to wake up for the day so I can put videos up on my channel and be a productive human being. I have talked about my theory of being a cat in a video before (5 random facts about me) so I won't go into details, but let's just say Bear and I are on the exact same sleeping schedule. We get hungry at the same time every night (around 3am) so we trampoozle down to the kitchen and make our snacks. He runs around my feet and trips me until I go into his food room and shake his food (weird Bear habit, he won't touch his dry food unless it has been freshly shaken up), and then waits until I make my food. Then he insists on playing with the guinea pig for a few minutes, which I try to avoid letting him do because he gets little bits of pine shavings all over him, but ultimately he wins by sitting down on his haunches and howling until I come and let him in the cage. Then he gets all in "I'm a sloth" mode and gets really pliable and fits in a cage half his size. Maybe he thinks Guinea is a brother from another mother? They are like bff's.

Anyway I realized recently how incredibly scardy-cat like Bear is. We were sitting out on my screened in porch and we couldn't see anything outside because it was pitch black. Dad was taking the trash out so we heard a scary loud creak of the gate being opened, and Bear sat there with his nosed pressed against that screen, ears flat down sideways and eyes wide, looking terrified. Downright terrified. And he is the size of a lion. I do not believe he would do any protecting if a monster came out of my closet, let me tell you.

I found a video that completely and utterly depicts how Bear treats me in the mornings (around 6am). Add some eyeball stomping and sneezing and subtract the baseball bat and you have Bear to a "T":

What else is new? I recently found out that my family is going to the beach next weekend for a week, which is really exciting because I haven't gone on a vacation in AGES. My birthday is on Tuesday AND I finally made an appointment to get hair extensions so I am very excited for this coming week. I had my consult yesterday to meet the stylist and make sure she knows what she is doing, and I really liked her... so yeah, I am psyched. I have had 3 consults over the last couple years (I have wanted hair extensions since I was in high school) but I never liked the stylist enough to trust her with my hair. She is using the brand "HairDreams" which according to my research is the very best along with Great Lengths. I will vlog about them the day I get them in (next Friday) and tell you what I think.

I wore clip in's for Senior prom so I will attach a picture where you can see my hair here ---->. The only thing bad about clip in's are they don't blend as well as real extensions, as you can kinda see from my hair (I was still happy with them though :). Should I go that length? Or a bit longer, shorter? Let me know your opinion!

It is pouring rain outside, but I guess that's for the best because I have some homework to do and I know I would put it off if it was pretty out by justifying that it is a Saturday and the pool is lonely... so alas, inside I sit, procrastinating anyway. I'm currently taking a few online courses which sounded a lot easier than they actually are, but that's life. I feel like I should be on summer break, but it was my decision to take a few classes online so I guess I have to deal with the not so fun parts of it. Hope you guys are enjoying the start of summer!

Speak soon,
Elle Fowler
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