Friday, July 3, 2009

In's and Out's 4

I love reading everyone's In's and Out's, so here are mine :)

  • Summer - I love summer, but unfortunately it has rained the whole summer here in NYC. Nevertheless, I still love not having classes! 
  • Glitzy-Glam getting a new "face" very shortly! We hired a guy to design us a new look, more professional, for the site. I will twitter it as soon as it goes live, of course!
  • Which reminds me, I am loving twitter right now too! I have been on upload overload - I hope you guys aren't getting tired of my constant pointless updates lol!
  • Honey Lust mixed with Amber Lights and a little All That Glitters all over the lid with mulch in the crease - gorgeous neutral summery look.
  • True Blood - the show from HBO. It's for sure not "kid friendly" but since I love Twilight so much I have gotten into this show. I don't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed The Tudors, but since I finished that show up until next season I need a new fix.
  • BlogTV - my new obsession
  • The fact that I have put up about 4 blog posts today - I think that is a record. Yes - it is haha :)
  • Cream de la mer face cream

  • The Weather - its gross here 80% of the time haha.
  • Being homesick - I am both homesick for my home (my cats, family, swimming pool, and moms cooking) and my school home (my roomies and my cute little bedroom and kitten). It is going to be SO WEIRD going back to that bedroom after being gone for so long but I feel like that is more my "home" than anywhere else. I am currently living in like 3 states haha - and I have bedrooms in 4. That is odd. 
  • Not being able to put up as many videos as I want to, because I am working so much. At school I was able to do about 1 every other day, but here I am lucky to get 2 up a week. One will be up tomorrow for sure!
  • The fact that I have been meaning to get my toes done for 3 weeks and still haven't. I do them myself all the time but I think getting a good pedicure every few months is completely crucial for pretty feet :)
If anyone wants to write me your Ins and Outs I would love to read them!

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Antonea on July 3, 2009 at 1:36 AM said...

Here are my Ins and Outs!

-No classes! I really needed a break before i start my intense financial reporting accounting sequence in fall!
-New apartment! Seriously loving being on my own with my own kitchen even if it is just a studio, its stilll pretty big! Great for one! Oh, and this is my first *real* apartment.
-New Job! I've been looking for a job on campus with decent hours that can work with my school schedule. And i finally found it! Did i mention i love my boss? :)
-Light makeup! I have been going au natural with just tinted moisturizer and some powder. It doesn't cover my imperfections well but hey! I am human.
-Twitter! Its such a quick way to stay in touch with people and a great outlet to be random all i want! :P
-Baths! I love nice warm baths! ahhhh

-Mascara! Lately, they have not been staying putt. I have to retouch my under eye area all the time. Any recommendations anyone?
-Mega hot weather! Today it was in the 90's and i definitely felt it. Hence, the melting makeup! Haha
-My brokeness! I have been living on nothing lately. Its tough. But as long as i can pay for rent, food and classes, i am still a lucky girl.
-My birthday! I love birthdays... But now i don't enjoy my own anymore. My mothers birthday is the day after mine and she passed away my first Christmas at college. I miss her dearly.

Overall a lot of change going on! Gotta love new adventures :)

Have a great summer everyone

Anonymous said...

why couldnt u post up a video today, i thought u were gonna post up ur june fav video n its july noq?:( you could jst upload n leave it there for an hour n do something else. i miss ur videos!! :( i hope u really upload one tomarrow~!!

Jen on July 3, 2009 at 2:11 AM said...

I posted my Ins and outs on my blog, IF your interested, check it out :-)

ditzy on July 3, 2009 at 2:15 AM said...

I promise you that NYC weather has NEVER been this bad before.. This rain SUCKS !!

Empathy on July 3, 2009 at 3:07 AM said...

Hey Elle!
Just found your Videos on Youtube and now I am addicted to your Blog and Videos!!!

So now, my In's and Out's

-My current internship in Singapore :-)
-Forever 21 cute for summer
- the combination of sun and swimming pools

-no sephora here in singapore :-(
(or just couldn't find one yet)
-having to work, while sun is shining outside

So, take care

Micky on July 3, 2009 at 4:21 AM said...

Hi. Since you love twilight so much, did you read the House of Night Novels?

A on July 3, 2009 at 4:33 AM said...

I honestly do not know how you are living in 3 states with 4 bedrooms. I like having all my things with me so I cannot even stand to be spread over 2 places!

I love True Blood - it is a little harder to get into this season but it is still good.

I am trying very hard not to go and buy Cream de la mer face cream thanks to you, haha.

Dee on July 3, 2009 at 8:07 AM said...

1. MAC 217 brush- i just got mine today. I can't believe I never owned this brush. it is soo soft!!
2.MAC naked honey fragrance.-the same one you bought. Like you, I didn't like the one with the dark honey comb cap.
3. Oxford-i am taking up a 1 month law in Oxford university.there are soo many places i want to visit.

1.selling on ebay-let's face it. Some buyers are plain annoying (and not just non-paying ones) and I hate the fact that Ebay is not letting us post negative feedback for the buyers. we can't even warn the other sellers about them!
2. project 10 pan- i was so enthusiastic about this project initiated by lollipop26. Though i found it really hard to stick to the plan. I cheated a few times already.
3.pigments..too many fallouts. or maybe i just don't know how to use them

Have a great summer Elle!

Anonymous said...

Hey Elle,
Here is My In and Outs (except its labled Fab and Drab)

Its just in my blog!

Have a great summer! (even if it is rainy lol)

Rachel Jay

Unknown on July 3, 2009 at 10:03 AM said...

My Ins:
1. I'm loving summer! One of my favorite seasons of all time.

2. Evening Aura and Satin Taupe e/s have been my favorites this summer!

3. I've been addicted to Twitter lately and being on Specktra a lot.

4. Strawberry Yogurt with Granola cereal is so good!! It's perfect for breakfast or mid-morning snack.

1. I've been breaking out and that's not a good thing. I think I need to cut out fast food now.

2. It's very hot here in Texas! Here we have reached the temperture of 104 degrees! Need some SPF of 85 to protect my skin.

3. Rimmel Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer. I don't like this primer anymore since I fell in love with the Smashbox Photofinish primer. On thing about Rimmel's foundation primer is that if you see a streak and you try to blend it with your finger, it'll look like you have dry patch on your skin. I can't wait to get rid of it!

4. Ordering on MAC too much and not saving up for Colour Craft is getting out of hand. I really need to control my savings.

tofupoo on July 3, 2009 at 10:52 AM said...

Ins :
Razors -yep its summer and now i have to shave more often then i was, darn it

Thinking kitty-sitting makes up for having a real job - its hard to get a job despite the billion ive applied to this summer, luckily i have a house full of kitties to look after and keep me on my toes

My tablet- my wacom tablet is my new best friend. im getting into digital art and am getting the hang of doodling people on my computer

College roommate- i lived with her for 2 years straight and lets just say it was not a honeymoon. luckily i am transferring to a new university and will probably be living alone *crosses fingers*

College roommate’s cat-...nuff said. no but really lol there was this month in which she found a new apartment before our lease was up and decided that since she was still paying for the one i was living in that it would be okay to leave him with me as my roomate. hooray

Toe separators - you know the kind you use when your getting your nails painted? my toes hate them. they dont cooperate and it takes a while to finally get them in place and when i do it feels like ive put them in some kind of torturing device. maybe i need a squishier kind, and not one that feels like plastic and seperates them so they are like half an inch apart

- on July 3, 2009 at 1:16 PM said...

I PROMISE its only this year that the weather has been SOOO bad in NYC. The weather has been really weird this year. Last year the huge majority of the summer was sunny and beautiful!!!

Dee on July 3, 2009 at 2:21 PM said...


* In-N-Out's double double w/ animal fries and dr. pepper. yum. i love living in California.
* Re-runs of Brothers and Sisters, i don't know how i didn't watch this show before!
* Creme Brulee
* Lazy summer days, although they aren't so productive, they're relaxing!
* Trips to SF
* Finally getting a drivers license which is a year overdue...
* Summer reading for fun
* TSLOTAT is back!
* Marathoning TV on DVD all day long! yippie, so unproductive of me.
* The Hangover! One of the funniest movies of the summer. it's a must watch! and it has Bradley Cooper!


* Crazy weather, one week it's almost 100 degrees, the next week it drops to like 75...
* Having a drivers licenses and no car =(
* Summer reading for school
* No more Greek until school starts again...I miss Greek! and Cappie!
* Not having a job. boo.
* Crazy spiders appearing out of nowhere, it's seriously creeping me out!
* NYC Prep.

haha, mine's long and pretty random. because of you elle i'm going to be posting more in's and out's they're fun! and they sorta share a name with my favorite fast food place.

Kat on July 3, 2009 at 11:56 PM said...

Hey Elle! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! Anyway heres my blog:
Oh, and I'm getting the same haircut as you!!!
Here's my in and outs :) enjoyyyyy

- going au naturale (is that french? I'm not sure...but I mean natural hahaha)
- Seventeen magazine. I used to be OBSESSED with vogue cuz my friend loved it too, but i realized that it doesn't help me AT ALL, i mean seventeen is realistic and has clothes/makeup that is actually BUYABLE (my word :) hehe) Oh, and ur in it!!!
- being busy. it's a lot better than being bored :)
- tanning
- fun and bold clothes <333
- Wii for excercise......
- Spending every penny.... i need to start saving..
- and boredom...
(i am being forced to go to summer school every day for 3 sucks)
LLove ya!!!!

♔ AHCINNS ♔ on July 4, 2009 at 12:23 AM said...

I posted mines on my blog Elle~

Sunnie on July 4, 2009 at 12:59 AM said...

I'm like you, I LOVE reading people's ins and outs. I've got one scheduled to post on my blog sometime next week. And P.S. I'm loving this frequent blog posting. Now you just need to work on Blair updating hers lol

bronzed and blogging on July 5, 2009 at 11:48 AM said...

haha are your 4 rooms the one in NY, the one at your school, the pink and white one, and the one with the dark brown dresser in the back? haha. do you have more than one room in one house?

Patricia on July 5, 2009 at 7:04 PM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patricia on July 5, 2009 at 7:06 PM said...

i am glad glitzy-glam is getting a new face, you definitely need to find your own colour scheme and your own logo to make you more recognisable. right now the site is looking kind of tacky. no offence, just a thought.

bought a few things from your store and i'm planning to get more cos i love everything you guys sell, so hope to see the changes soon x

Carmen on July 5, 2009 at 10:33 PM said...


- ACTUALLY learning to cook REAL meals with my mom
- OPI nail polish Japanese Rose Garden (for hands)
- MAC’s satin taupe e/s combined with the Urban Decay book of shadows
- staying up until whenever, and getting to wake up until whenever (well sometimes, but I’ll take what I can get!)


- not spending anytime with my sister L (she works Mon-Sun) …working for the government is a complete FAIL! She has to travel to another state EVERY weekend! She even had to work during the 4th of July! :*(
- bugs (only reason I hate the summer) I have a phobia! No matter what bug/insect from ants, wasps, beetles, and even…BUTTERFLIES! (Please don’t laugh) haha
-Cetaphil! Grrr it sucked the life out of my skin! But no worries, I stopped using it and my face is back to normal…(unfortunately I inherited my mother’s VERY sensitive skin :/)

oxbrainyblondeox on July 11, 2009 at 4:57 PM said...

Hey Elle, since you love anything honey, I have a reccomendation for you!

The San Diego Soap Company: Orange Flower Honey hand soap.

it smells really good =)

Noodle Queen Katie said...

My Ins And Outs:

-The weather.....Heatwave.... live in england for cripes sakes I EXPECT IT TO BE COLD!!....i want it to be cold =(

-Leading on from that...not being able to find a pretty....but also cheap summer dress...

-Heat. My school is hellish-ly hot

-Still being in school...and still having coursework to do.*BLEH*

-Running out of make up wipes...

-Being ill...i hate you stomach bug

-Being third sucks....

-PDA's....i don't want to see you groping my best friend...

-Rimmel London colour loose...They SUCK and they spill everywhere when you open them.

-Swerving into thorn bushes on a bike.....I look like my leg was used as a scrathing post by a rabid cat....


-Dove/Avon skin is LOVELY!!


-Reading...Stephen King needful things and Emma by Jane Austen...

-Nivea pearl and shine lip balm...I LOVE YOU!

-Beautilicious body butters especially in Green apple and juicy pear!

-My edible obsessions...
~Banack...aka Canadian Trail Bread
~Fruit Pastilles
~Tiger Baguettes

-Cycling in thetford....SOOO much fun!

-Theese lists.....Mines pretty long

-You Tube....I have wasted sooo much time on it..

- Being unable to type fast....At least i'm fairly accurate.

-always being last in races...Triathlon tomorrow...cre to bet who'll lose?

so yea....sorry that was soooo boring!

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