Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As a beauty girl, I like stepping over the bounds of ordinary to try new trends. This isn't a far extreme, but I like to think it's something most people wouldn't consider. Everyone has dabbled with press on nails, but press on toes? Very peculiar...

Regardless, I gave it a try. I spotted the box at my local drugstore and was immediately intrigued by the picture of the foot on the box; the nails were so perfect. We are not talking long extension nails here... just very nice, normal looking french pedicure toes. In a box! Some people are not a fan of the french tip for toes but I ALWAYS have mine painted in the french style. Every now and then I spring for a fun color, like hot pink, but I always tire of it and want it french tipped again (just my toes, my nails always have fun colors).

This press on set happens to be from my favorite press on nail brand, so I decided to give it a try. Plus, I have been in a nail mood lately, and just filmed a video today on my YouTube channel about the various types of nails:

I brought the box home, excited but a bit wary, and proceeded to give them a try. I was a little predisposed to dislike them, just because it is SUCH a weird concept, but I was determined to give them a fair shot. I stuck them on, taking my time to ensure the right fit for each toe, but there wasn't one for my pinky toe. They were all too long and looked like I had a freak toe (not the look I was trying to achieve, btw). My box came with complete with little flower decals, so I went all out and decorated my toenails and then went to show them off to my friends.

Let's just say they are a FREAK. CONCEPT. I felt totally bizarre the whole day, and they kept getting caught in my socks that night. I didn't notice it during the day because I wore flip flops so I could rock my tacky looking toes but I think they would feel uncomfortable in shoes. I took them off the next day, thinking they were just one step too unusual for me.

Overall opinion: nice to try, but probably will never touch them again. You might like them for a one off occasion, like prom, but don't be too concerned if you do not have the right fit for your pinky toe. You do not have a deformed toe. Broadway just doesn't make them little enough! Also, please forgive me for not attaching a picture of my toes - I find that a bit too much. I don't really like feet, lol.

Now I am off to watch last night's "The Hills" season premier and then possibly the Sex and the City movie (Blair bought it for me for no reason - nice sister). I am quite enjoying this blog, I hope you guys are as well :)

Speak soon,
Elle Fowler
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