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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Festive Nails and Good Cheer

"At Christmas play and make good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year."
-English Poet Thomas Tusser

This quote makes me feel joyful; I love it and think it completely accurate. That is exactly what I have been doing, I've been running around making "good cheer". Last night I snuggled into bed early and enjoyed falling asleep to "The Santa Clause", one of my all time favorite Christmas movies. Today I ran last minute errands, wrapped presents, spent time with my family, and filmed a holiday tutorial. I can't believe it's already the night of the 22nd; time is going by too quickly and I have a long list of things I need to complete before settling into bed on the night of the 24th.

Tonight I painted my nails with the most perfect shade of festive red. It's called Miami Beet from the south beach collection and it's perfect, creamy and gorgeous :) It looks slightly pinker in the picture than in real life.. it's more of a deep blood red. Either way it reminds me of crushed up cranberries or the red of my Christmas stocking.

My baby sister also got her nails painted; a candy cane red and white striped masterpiece. I think it turned out really cute, and she was so excited she couldn't even sit still long enough for me to take a decent picture of it. It's first a white base, followed with horizontal stripes from a red nail art pen. Pretty simple, but for her it was like Christmas came early.

So here I sit up, late tonight, sipping on hot chocolate and editing my tutorial, completely content and happy with life and the world. Sleep well everyone, I hope thoughts of sugar plums dance in your heads.

Dream well,
Elle Fowler

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What I am wearing on my nails right now

Trying to study but painting my nails instead. Right now I am wearing Sinful Colors nail polish in #87 Rose Diamond. This was a present from Wubearkitten off youtube and I believe she bought it from Walmart. The pictures are not that good because I am still trying to figure out my camera. I might need to invest in a new one for the purpose of this blog and youtube. Any suggestions for good cameras?

I tried to locate my lincoln park after dark by OPI but I could not find it anywhere and all 3 roomies said they did not have it. Who knows, maybe it ran away?


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