Saturday, April 17, 2010

A new hair love - Moroccan Oil

For the past few months one of my roommates has been swearing by Moroccan Oil, claiming it makes her hair feel and look amazing. I finally gave in and tried hers one night, but I didn't notice anything exceptional, so I ignored her statements and went about living my life. If you are curious, I have been using the Redken Satin Wear as a heat protectant, and then my Framsi Wio Straight Balm to help tame my annoyingly textured hair. Sometimes I use another product or two, but those were my only must have products until about 2 weeks ago.

I now have a new hair love. I was sent a few products to try from Eden Allure, a Moroccan Argan Oil company. I tried the Organic Moroccan Argan Oil out one night, not expecting big things (after using my roommates and feeling so-so about it), but I gotta say - this one is really nice! I have been using it every shower now for 2 weeks and I can tell a difference in the manageability of my hair. I place a few pumps onto my fingers and rub it throughout the ends of my hair, repeating if I need to. You do not have to use a lot of this at all, in fact I would be a bit nervous to use too much, since it is an oil. Moroccan Oil is rich in many vitamins and is very good for your skin, nails, and hair. I have also tried this out on my nails, and it is a great cuticle softener.

I was a bit timid to try this out on my face, even though by researching it online it has great benefits for your skin. I finally decided that since I have dry skin it might be good to try it out, so I used a couple pumps on my face. It is said to be really good for your fine lines and crows feet, as well as giving you a healthy glow. My skin literally drank this stuff up!

I know there are lots of Moroccan Oil brands out there, but I especially like the company outlook of this one. They purchase their oil from the Berber women of Morocco, helping to promote the advancement of the long oppressed group of women. They also donate a percentage of their proceeds to the Global Fund for Women - talk about empowering women! This charity helps provide relief to abused and impoverished women around the world.

I was also sent two bars of soap to try out, a grapefruit and a lavender, that are infused with Moroccan oil. My favorite is the grapefruit - it smells fruity and has little chunks in it that look like pieces of fruit. These bars are extremely moisturizing; they are not stingy with the oil, and you can definitely feel the softness. They lather up really well and have a very soft scent. If you like soaps that are not heavily perfumed these would be perfect, but if you do like the heavy scents you might not be quite satisfied with these.

Bottom line: For me, the oil is a must have. It is nice on my face and nails, but I think I will save it for my hair since I see such an improvement with it there. Moroccan oil users - are they any other techniques or uses I should try?

Elle Fowler
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