Monday, April 26, 2010

In's and Out's 6

I have had a bit of a cold for the past 2 days, and while slathering on my Carmex I came to a realization. I was using a VERY bland balm. Not very Elle-like at all. Regardless of its blandness, I actually really like it, so it inspired me to write a new in's and out's (imagine, inspired by a bland balm).

Carmex original moisturizing lip balm. Now let me preface this by saying I would typically never admit to favoring such a "normal" lipbalm when I own so many blingy ones. Normally even in my sickest moments I would reach for a dazzleglass, or at least a MAC tendertone to soothe my lips. However, I mustn't tell white lies on my blog so I must admit to having my carmex on my nightstand currently (insert pointless picture here) --->

Benefit Stay don't Stray Primer. Yet another eye primer to enter my collection along with its buddies Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Primer Potion. I have ALWAYS held tight to the fact that I much prefer MAC paint pots to either of the two latter primers, but I really do like stay don't stray. It is a bit thicker then the other two, so it conceals my eyelids well, priming them perfectly for shadow. I find with the others (especially with Too Faced Shadow Insurance), that they are so thin and liquidy that I don't feel like I have a strong enough base on, which is why I always reach for my paint pots. Be forewarned though - it pumps out way too much, you have to pump just the tiniest amount on to your fingers. If you did an entire pump it would be enough for your entire face!

Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara. Tried for the first time in my benefit video (inserted here):

I really like this mascara! It goes on very black and doesn't clump up, and it pretty easy to use. The brush head is really big though, bigger than my eye so that takes some getting use to, but I do really like this one.

Bright Colors. I'm talking about everything; makeup, nail polish, clothing, room decor... etc. Spring time always makes me appreciate colors more, and I love that it is warming up.

Going for walks in the evenings. When the sun is going down and everything is cooling off it is the perfect time to go for a brisk walk. It gets your metabolism going so it's quite good for you, and you can help work off the dinner you just ate. (Or that dessert you know you shouldn't have had. Naughty.)

Glee! Ahhh I adore this show! It is SUCH a feel good, pick-me-up, perky show. I always end an episode feeling happy and satisfied, unlike Lost where I just feel confused and completely unsatisfied.

Easy, chill out reads. I adore intense books and novels that make you think as much as the next person, but sometimes I just want an easy "beach" read (that's what I call them). I recently bought two when I was in NY purusing around a mall wasting time (I also bought a chocolate covered strawberry), and I am really enjoying them. The first is called "Twenties Girl" by Sophie Kinsella, who wrote the Confessions of a Shopoholic series, (which I highly recommend). It's basically about a girl who is followed around by an annoying ghost, who is her great aunt who lived to be 105 and then croaked, and now is a 23 year old flapper who likes to gamble and yell at the live beings of the world.
I'm also in the middle of reading "Need", which I also really liked but I misplaced it which is why I started on another book. It will show up someplace random like in the pantry and then I will continue on my merry way with that one. I don't mind reading more than one book at a time, but sometimes it gets wearing because you feel like you aren't getting anywhere. The 3rd book I bought, if anyone is curious, is "Love the one you're with" by Emily Giffen, who wrote "baby proof" and "something borrowed", both of which I enjoyed.

Blandness. Like my Carmex. There is no need for blandness in life.

Sweets. This is not because of a diet or anything of the sort, I have just not been craving sweets or desserts for the past week or so. Weird? Yes, but I'm not pushing it. I will wake up one night with an intense craving for ice cream, and then there will be no holding back!

Traveling so much. I LOVE traveling, but I haven't been in the same state for over a week in a couple months it feels like. No one likes being that unsteady in life, lol. I just want to chill out and lay by the pool and enjoy summer! Not that that is even an option, as dad has not sprayed the wasp nest yet so there is a whole lot of buzzing going on down there.

Grey's Anatomy. I don't know why but I have watched this show from the start, and it is not very interesting anymore. I don't look forward to it nearly as much as I used to, and lately I have been skipping episodes all together.

I guess I don't have much to complain about, I am pretty happy right now. I always have more In's then Out's so I guess that in itself is an In.

Speak to you soon,
Elle Fowler

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