Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flowerpot Dwellers

I am sitting at an airport (alone might I add - I hate traveling alone) so I am going to amuse myself by having a quick ramble. In about 3 hours I will be landing in NYC and heading to my hotel, where I will proceed to nap for a couple hours and then spend the day exploring the city. As you guys might remember, I lived in Manhattan last summer so I'm familiar enough with it to feel comfortable trampoozling around alone (even if it's only 4 square blocks from my hotel). Speaking of traveling, I have an absolute problem with overpacking, so today I compensated by packing practically nothing, which means I will have to make a quick stop at a drugstore to buy completely necessary things that I thought I could leave behind. You would think I would know myself better than that.

I'm getting quite tired of Project 10 Lush; I finished up two more products, bringing the total to 8, but there are still 2 to go. I completed my therapy massage bar and my honey I washed the kids soap. Both of these products I have purchased on several occasions, so there isn't anything new to tell you about them, but I still very much enjoyed them. I especially like honey I washed the kids soap, it's one of my all time favorite products (I love the lil honeycomb on the top!).

On a totally different note, I realized this morning, for the first time, that I have no more sensitivity in my eyes from my Lasik. I was sitting in the half dark, applying my Mac paint pot when I noticed that I was rubbing about and didn't feel anything! It took about a month to get back to this point, so I am quite excited about it. I also noticed that I now have better far away vision then up close vision, which is very strange for me (but I like it!). So mini update: yes I would still recommend it, yes I think it was worth it :)

This morning I went running about trying to say goodbye to my cats but I couldn't find Bella. Bear was running around under my feet, trying to sneak into my suitcase or my car but Bella was hiding. I finally found her in a flowerpot in the front yard, sitting in the dirt. Weirdo cat. You are not a flower. She looked very serene and happy, like that was her happy spot. To each their own, unusual creature.

Ahhh I need a new book. I finished all the house of night books that are out, so I have a new book with me for the flight - I hope it is good! It's called "Need". We are boarding now, maybe I will post again tonight since I will be bored in the hotel!

Elle Fowler
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