Thursday, December 2, 2010

the snuggliest kind of night

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Lights off, snuggled up in bed in my most comfortable pjs, candles flickering in the background... this my favorite kind of night. Sometimes I look forward to this all day, and then I cuddle up with a good book or a romantic movie. Every now and then it seems that blogging is just the thing to put me in that zen mood. There is something very relaxing about writing on this blog, and this is really the only time that I write - the middle of the night. So here I am, happily typing and sipping on my chicken noodle soup.

Speaking of being very comfortable, I am currently loving a particularly snuggly find of mine. They are my slippers - and I am in love. I was actually sent a couple of pairs over Thanksgiving break to try out, but I immediately realized I wanted to buy my mom a few. I have two favorite pairs - my pink flip flop slippers and my little furry booties. The flip flop ones have a quarter inch of memory foam in it, which is definitely enough to sink down into. It kinda gives me that "ahhh" feeling, you know? I don't think the booties have memory foam in them but they are still quite comfy and more "fashionable" than the flip flop slippers (at least in my mind). These are machine washable and very durable, so for those of you that love slippers they would really great to try.

To be quite honest, my mom has always had this weird phobia of her feet touching the ground, so I grew up with her always telling me to wear slippers or shoes. I think I rebelled a little and tried to walk around barefoot all the time, but as I've gotten older I have started to appreciate a comfy slipper on my feet. (does that mean I am turning into my mom?) (on second thought that's not so bad considering she is the cutest mom ever).

The company that makes these slippers, Dearfoams, caught my attention with this cute little contest they are having called the Slipper Fairy. It's basically a "let's give away tons of free slippers" contest. You can win up to 15 pairs of free slippers by entering in one of 4 ways:
  • Tweet it: You just tweet about who you'd like to give the @dearfoams to this holiday season. You have to include the hashtag #slipperfairy
  • Say it: talk about who you would give the slippers to in a youtube video and submit it to the site.
  • Sing it: Sing the Slipper Fairy song on youtube and submit it to the site.
  • Match it: Play instantly on the site.
The match it option is really simple, you just type in your email and see if you instantly win slippers for you and your friends.

I would really appreciate opinions on which ones to order my mom for Christmas. I want to get her two pairs, but I don't know which ones. I think the ones that are my favorites might be to young for her, so I think I will pick her out something different. Feel free to leave suggestions for what you think she would like (or what you would give your mom)!

The Slipper Fairy is also donating 500 pairs of slippers to US military families who have loved ones overseas in our name (mine and all of you reading this blog!), which is amazing and very, very generous. I really want to thank them for that, because they did not have to do that, and I REALLY think that the recipients are going to love them.

I am down to my very last noodle...mmmm soup :) I like to pretend that the weather is cold outside, since it is December after all, but alas... LA is quite warm. Somehow it still manages to feel like Christmas though; when I was at the mall earlier they were playing holiday music and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So on that note... I am going to burrow down and zzz. Goodnight!

Elle Fowler

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