Friday, February 13, 2009

I've done it again

So a few posts ago (which equals weeks in Elle time) I talked about how I was on the prowl (love hello kitty) for a new skin care line. I have branched off from my Neutrogena yet again! I really hope this one works because so far I absolutely love it. This could possibly be a holy grail routine if nothing goes wrong as it is still only day 3. I will keep you guys updated for sure as I continue to use this product, and in about a week I will do a video on it if all goes well.

On a side note, I have hired someone to make me a real webstore since my ecrater store is very basic and has a lot of glitches. She started working on it last night, thursday, and hopefully it will be ready ASAP. All you subscribers will see a video up as soon as it's ready. We will be shipping worldwide and adding more items to the inventory.

All day long I have been meaning to do a hello kitty haul and tutorial but I am been super busy so those will get done either later tonight or more likely by tomorrow afternoon. So YAY for that :)


4 comments on "I've done it again"

Anonymous said...

Skincare is important. I have been using Philosophy and Kate Somerville and I look younger than I am.
Love your YouTube vids and blog, Elle. I wish you much success and happiness.
Love~ Radha
(Imahappycat onYouTube)

Anonymous said...

What is the new skincare product that you've been using? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend Olay Complete for sensitive skin - amazing! More over, it's cheap (10$-15$)

Anonymous said...

I got the CHI Silk Infusion and Iron Guard when I bought my flat iron. I love them both. They've now replaced my Biosilk Silk Therapy and Shine On Spray. I wish they didn't smell like men's cologne though!

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