Monday, May 17, 2010

Project 10 Pan and 10 Lush COMPLETED!

Finally, after being diligent for months I am done with my two projects. And let me say - thank goodness for that. I was getting quite bored of it. For those of you that have not been following my blog until lately, let me say welcome (lol) and quickly explain the project. The idea is to refrain from purchasing anything new until you have completely finished up 10 makeup products (Project 10 pan). I also did a spin off project at the same time where I didn't buy any new lush items. I plan on purchasing some new lush goodies and a few things from MACs To the Beach Collection (out May 27th) so I will have some makeup hauls soon!

I have been keeping you very updated on Project 10 Lush, so I will just do a mini review of the final product that I used up, a little shower gel called Flying Fox. Flying Fox smells lovely, a mix of jasmine and honey, two of my favorite scents. This is the type of scent I reach for in the evenings, but it also rejuvenates me in the mornings since I love the smell. I will probably repurchase this in the future, but for now I want to try out some new products since I haven't gotten to buy anything new lately.

As far as Project 10 Pan goes, last I blogged I had completed 4 products. Here are the final 6:
  • My Carmex "bland" lip balm, which I somehow liked enough to finish up. I don't have much to say on this balm except that it sat on my nightstand for a couple months and so it was bound to eventually get used up... I'm not sure I would repurchase though, I have way too many more balms to finish up first.
  • C.O. Bigalow Cinnoment Mentha Lip Shine: one of my favorites that I have repurchased time and time again; it smells like cookies. I always have one of these in my purse, which is why it was one of the first to be used up. I can't help but smile when I have this on, it smells (and tastes) so good!
  • Mac MSF Natural in Light Medium: This one was tricky to finish up, just because it is not the right shade for me. I am actually a Medium in the winter and a Medium Deep in the summer, but by the time I realized this I had used too much to feel right about selling it on a blog sale, so I decided to use it up. I wore this on days where I wasn't going anywhere important but I still wanted some coverage. It took a few months, but this product is now finished.
  • Clinique Superfit Foundation: I actually had 2 of these sitting in my drawer that were both about half completed, so I decided if I used them both up it could count as one product towards my project 10 pan. I had used this foundation for years when I decided I wanted to venture off and try something new, and found my beloved Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation. I don't dislike this foundation, I just got bored with it and the makeup junkie inside me wanted to try out new products. I am glad these are used up though; they were making me feel a bit guilty sitting in my drawer, unlike some MAC ones that I can justify not using because they break me out.
  • MAC Plush Lash Mascara: I used this up because I knew it was going to go bad soon, not because I loved it. Mascaras can't be trusted after the 3 month mark (of opening/using it) so I keep track of which ones are going to go bad when, and this one was next in line. Out of all MAC mascaras plush lash is my favorite, but I prefer L'oreal Telescopic or Benefit Badgal Lash.
  • Victoria's Secret Lip Plumper in Baby Pink: I love this stuff. It gives your lips a soft pink tinge, and tingles just a tad to let you know it's plumping up your lips, but doesn't burn like some lip plumpers. The packaging is also pretty, very streamlined and feminine. The only thing I didn't like was the applicator, I am not a big fan of the click up brush tip applicators; they don't seem very sanitary!

I am very happy to have completed this project, as it was generally a pain in the butt. The second you set limits on yourself you immediately want to defy yourself, but I managed to be 90% good. I say 90% because I was sent some free stuff over the course of this project, so I did get the pleasure of trying out new things without actually breaking the rules, but I think if I had not I might have cheated - hence only being 90% good. I award myself a B+ for this project. Also, I found that lip glosses and mascaras are the easiest products to use up, probably because I apply copious amounts of them daily.

For those of you that were doing this project along with me, how is it coming? Let me know in the comments! I think you can leave a comment with your twitter account now, which is kinda cool (I installed a new program).

Speak Soon!
Elle Fowler
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